Arrow S06E06: Promises Kept – Recap & Review

Slade Wilson deals with his past while John Diggle deals with his drug dealer. Here is a review of Arrow‘s sixth episode of its sixth season titled Promises Kept.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!


Plot Summary

This episode picks off where the previous one left off.

Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke confronts his missing son with the help of Oliver Queen. Meanwhile, John Diggle continues to be conflicted with his Lian Yu trauma.


This episode showcases the debut appearance of the season’s main antagonist, Richard “Dragon” Diaz. In the show, he is seen as a crime lord in the drug business. In addition, we see the return of an old character in Shado during flashbacks.

Slade Wilson faces his son one-on-one in a fight akin to that of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After leaving his family for many years, Slade returns to teach both his son and Oliver Queen that “trust is built on honesty.” There is always room for redemption. Similarly, this also applies with John Diggle.

The showrunners may not have been keeping true to their promise of not bringing back flashbacks for Season 6, but in such cases like this, flashbacks deem necessary.

Promises Kept has a whole lot of drama and seldom any comedic remarks coming from Curtis Holt/ Mister Terrific and Felicity Smoak/ Overwatch. Of course, that isn’t to say that this is a bad thing.

Overall, this episode of Arrow is pretty great. Hopefully, Diggle has overcome his drug addiction for good, but he will still have to deal with the tremors he had been suffering since the fallout of the Season 5 finale.


Easter Eggs, References, and Trivia Facts:

  • Ravager –
    • Towards the end of this episode, Wilson’s son Joe/ Kane reveals that he has a brother whose name is Grant. In the comics, Grant Wilson is a character who died trying to kill off the Teen Titans under a contract from H.I.V.E., who then give him a serum that grants him the same abilities as his father.


  • Injustice 2-
    • When Oliver Queen returns home to Star City, we briefly see Felicity and William playing Injustice 2. (The former is playing as Blue Beetle and the latter playing as Sub-Zero.) Whether this is meant to be seen as some type of product placement or a teaser hinting at a possible appearance from Blue Beetle in the Arrowverse’s future, this nonetheless comes off as meta.

Do you want the Ravager and/or the Blue Beetle to appear in this television universe? Would you want to see more characters like Slade’s son? What did you think of Dragon so far? Let us know! For more Arrow-related news and reviews, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@GEEKMOTIVATION) and Instagram (@geekmotivation).

Written by: John Tangalin

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