‘Silicon Valley’ S06E03 Review – “Hooli Smokes!”

Money is power, and Richard Hendricks is fighting to keep that power. In this episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, the Pied Piper team takes one more step to ensure their business thrives, and this includes backstabbing competitors.

In this article, we discuss the third episode of the show’s final season. Minor spoilers ahead! Also, check out the reviews for the first and second episodes of the final season!


“Hooli Smokes!” is exactly what happens. Gavin Belson’s company is practically burnt to the ground as Richard and his team deceptively purchase Hooli while its founder is out on a Triathalon.

Richard makes a huge decision between winning more or losing everything. The stakes are raised in a scenario akin to the Thelma and Louise ending. The clock is ticking as Collin and Laurie now work under the foreign businessman Maximo.

In this episode, we get a good amount of development for its characters, the pace is pretty fast, but the progression of its story is a slow-burn. Here, we learn about “one of the basic principles of business,” which is ‘Help no rival.’ We end on an ominous note and things don’t seem to be looking good as we also learn about karma.


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